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Booking Terms and Conditions

Please read these Booking Terms and Conditions below before using or obtaining any materials, information, or products through this site.

These Booking Terms and conditions (“the Terms”) govern all bookings made to “Dawn Travels” a company incorporated under the laws of the country, through its online booking system or by e-mail/fax. The Terms supersede any documentation(s) unless otherwise agreed in writing and signed.

Making a Booking and Confirmation process

Reservations for F.I.T. hotels can be made through Dawn Travels only. Other correspondences which may not be expressed through the system such as complaints, special requests, and complicated operational issues can be sent by e-mail/fax. Please send all e-mail/fax requests directly to below contacts.

Dawn Travels

Lonsdale House, Suite 112, 52 Blucher Street, Birmingham, B1 1QU

Email: Tel: 00441216677017

Working hours of Dawn Travels: Monday to Thursday – 9:00am to 5.00pm excluding weekends and national holidays in the country.

Please provide the following information when creating a booking:

– Cities and Hotel name- Check in and check out date- Room type- Traveller’s name in full- Traveller’s country of residence- Children’s ages if any- Any additional remarks relating to the booking (such as non-smoking room, late arrival etc.)

A Booking code will be generated automatically by Dawn Travels online system, this confirms acceptance of the reservation request or a booking confirmation.

Hotels shown with ‘Available’ means the room(s) that you want to book is/are available. There may be occasions that during the booking process, the status from ‘Available’ becomes a ‘Request’. This may be due to other travellers booking at the same time or bookings for event/fair periods. All bookings are subject to availability at the time of reservation.

You can still submit bookings for Hotels shown as ‘Request’ and we will respond to you on booking status within 24 working hours. Please note the response can be delayed during weekends, public holidays or event/fair periods.

Any enquiries and messages received after Dawn Travels working hours are not actioned until the next business day.

Additional remarks are request basis only and cannot be guaranteed by Dawn Travels unless stated in the booking details by Dawn Travels.

Price and Currency

The prices shown for the TOTAL STAY in GBP, EUR and USD and include local taxes, service charges. For the bookings requested for more than 1 night, the price of each night may differ and Dawn Travels do not offer any average price per night.

Dawn Travels reserves the right to amend any prices on Dawn Travels website at any time without prior notice due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates or government taxes.

All prices are valid for the leisure market only. Corporate traveller who has separate contract with the hotel and the traveller who needs accommodation to attend any event/fair also must inform Dawn Travels to check. Dawn Travels will not accept responsibility for any booking if it transpires that a traveller is not traveling for leisure purpose. Hotels may refuse to honour Dawn Travels contract price and charge higher price to individual traveller direct or transfer traveller to an alternative hotel.

Occasionally bookings may be confirmed at the different price from the shown in Dawn Travels website due to the availability situation of hotels. The prices on the booking confirmation always supersede any prices published by Dawn Travels.

All hotel prices include local taxes and service charges except some USA hotels which may have extra charges like city/resort fee or energy charge fee. Such hotels may require direct payment by the traveller at the hotel upon check in.

In rare situation, some room prices shown on the Dawn Travels website may differ due to nationality. Please make sure to input traveller’s passport nationality or country of residence in the booking form. We may contact you should hotel advises us of the difference in prices or availability.

Pricing in Dawn Travels website

Dawn Travels provides you the price in country (“the Agent Net”).The Agent Net is strictly confidential and should never be disclosed to any third party.You may decide the prices to be provided to traveller (“the Agent Selling”) under your sole discretion and responsibility.

Dawn Travels does not take any responsibility on the Agent Mark-up and the Agent Selling to be decided by you.

General Information about Price

Booking made with the intention simply to hold space in the hope of future sales is not permitted. Dawn Travels has the right to cancel any and all bookings when they appear to us to have been made for this purpose and inform you by the email address registered.

Booking must be made at least full name of the traveller for each room. Dawn Travels has the right to cancel any and all bookings made with fictitious name for you to hold space. Some hotels may have floating rack rates that change daily due the special price on the day or the promotion by the hotel. We will not accept any requests for a refund on the basis that our selling price was close to or above the rack rate.

Dawn Travels shall not accept any dispute caused by the Dawn Travels contract prices disclosed by hotel staff by mistake.

Group Bookings

The prices shown in Dawn Travels website are for the FIT traveller only and cannot be used to reserve group reservation (more than 5 rooms or 9 persons). Dawn Travels do not accept multiple bookings for the same party in the same hotel as this may be considered a group booking. Dawn Travels will not accept responsibility for any bookings if they transpire a group booking. Hotels may refuse to honour Dawn Travels contract price and charge higher price to individual traveller direct or transfer traveller to an alternative hotel.


All contents in Dawn Travels website including the star rating, name, location etc. for each hotel are based on the information provided by the suppliers or hotels. Please note in some countries, there is no official system or organization which grades hotel by star category or provides travellers an exact guideline of what each star refers to. This categorization may differ from countries to countries. All contents are published in good faith based on information provided by individual suppliers. Dawn Travels will not be made responsible should any of the information provided is not updated or inaccurate. All contents in Dawn Travels website are for your guidance purpose only and they are subject to amendment without prior notice. Dawn Travels cannot be held liable in any way to you nor to any of the third parties should any of the information be misleading and/or incomplete.

Room Type Description Guideline

This is the guideline for the room types used by Dawn Travels. This is your guidance purpose only and Dawn Travels does not guarantee any of kinds as it is subject to the hotel room facility and occupancy situation at the time of check-in.

SleepsRoom TypeDescription
Sleeps 1SingleContains 1 single bed.
Double Single UseContains 1 double bed used for 1 person.
Twin Single UseContains 2 single beds used for 1 person.
Sleeps 2TwinContains 2 single beds used for 2 persons.
DoubleContains 1 double /queen/king-sized bed for 2 persons.
Sleeps 3TripleContains 3 single beds used for 3 persons.
TripleContains 2 single beds/01 double /queen/king-sized bed for 2 persons + one extra bed for 1 person.
Sleeps 4QuadrupleContains either 2 double beds, 4 single beds, or 2 double beds with 2 extra beds. May vary depending on the hotel. Suitable for 4 adults or a family of 4 people.

There are hotels which do not classify the room type as twin or double room. Therefore if traveller request for room type as twin or double when making a booking, hotels may provide one double bed or two single beds in a room. For triple room, a twin or double room plus an extra bed (or sofa bed or a rollaway bed) may be provided at the hotel. For single room occupancy, there are many hotels which do not provide a single bed in a room but may be a twin or double bedded room instead. For quad room type, there may be hotels which provide two double beds.

Such requests for room type cannot be guaranteed as hotel will provide the room based on hotel occupancy situation at the time of check-in.

You can request a baby cot for an infant (0~2 years old) which is usually free of charge. There will be no breakfast for infant or children under free of charge stay i.e. without supplementary charge. Upon check-in, hotel has the right to determine the supplementary charge for the infant or children stay if the original booking did not indicate the accompanying infants or children.

Room Type Description Guideline for Japanese Hotels

Most of the hotels in Japan do not have triple or quad rooms. Some hotels have either twin or double room and may have other room types not mention here. In some cases, ‘standard’ can mean the general room type appointed by hotel. Therefore, Economy and Studio room types can be expressed as Standard in some hotels. Please note that this is for your guidance purpose only.

SleepsRoom TypeDescription
Sleeps 1SingleContains 1 single bed.
Double Single UseContains 1 double bed used for 1 person.
Twin Single UseContains 2 single beds used for 1 person.
Sleeps 2TwinContains 2 single beds used for 2 persons.
StudioContains 1 single bed and1 extra bed. The size of room can be much smaller like a single room. Mostly smaller and cheaper than normal twin room.
EconomyContains 1 single bed and1 extra bed. The size of room can be much smaller like a single room. Mostly smaller and cheaper than normal twin room.
DoubleContains 1 normal double bed for 2 persons.
Semi Double BedThe size of room and bed tends to be smaller than the normal double room. Suitable for budget travelers.
Sleeps 3TripleContains either 1 double with 1 extra bed or 1 twin bed with 1 extra bed. May vary depending on the hotel. Suitable for 3 adults.
Sleeps 4QuadContains either 2 double beds, 4 single beds, or 2 double beds with 2 extra beds. May vary depending on the hotel. Suitable for 4 adults or a family of 4 people.
Onsen HotelJapanese StyleSpecific room type among Onsen hotels. Room with Japanese style, flooring with ‘Tatami’ mats. Contains no bed and sleeps on the floor.
Western StyleSpecific room type among Onsen hotels. Contains western beds.
Japanese & Western StyleSpecific room type among Onsen hotels. Room with Japanese style, flooring with ‘Tatami’ mats. But contains western beds.

Cancellation / Amendment

Cancellation must be made on Dawn Travels website. Amendment of the booking must be send to designated Dawn Travels e-mail address or fax no. Cancellations or amendments notified to the supplier directly will not be effective and will not be honoured. Cancellation and amendment of booking will be effective and followed up during Dawn Travels working hours only.

Since Dawn Travels does not record the communication over the phone, you must check the update of your booking status on Dawn Travels website for the cancellation or amendment request you have notified to Dawn Travels.

All amendments are subject to availability and require confirmation from Dawn Travels. Once amendment or cancellation is received and acknowledged by Dawn Travels, the previous status of booking will no longer be valid. All bookings during the event/fair periods or bookings with special cancellation deadline which is longer than normal cancellation of 04 working days will be imposed 100% charge on total reservation amount for cancellations or amendments after deadline.

The cancellation deadline for the bookings instantly confirmed within our allotments may be revised after its confirmation. Any change on cancellation policy for confirmed booking or booking on request, Dawn Travels will advise the detail in the remark field in the booking details page or by email.

Normal cancellation and amendment charge for all other periods will apply as below:

– Amendments or Cancellations for all confirmed bookings made before cancellation deadline: No Charges (Except non-refundable fares)- Cancellation deadline: Charge of at least a one-night stay per room booked may be payable.- No-show or cancellation on the check-in day: Charge 100% of the total reservation amount.- Any refund to be made will be by way of credit note to your company and to be offset for the next booking(s) of that refund value.

There will be no refund even if there is reduction of no of night(s) or no of traveller(s) after check-in. Dawn Travels will not be responsible for the ‘go-show’ (traveller shows up at the hotel without booking confirmed by Dawn Travels.

Payment Guidelines

Please refer to the “Mutual Business Agreement” between Dawn Travels and you signed by both party at the time of contract or otherwise, all payment should be settled before the hotel cancellation deadline.


Traveller must present the appropriate voucher printed from Dawn Travels to the hotel upon check-in. You can also create the voucher on your own regular hotel voucher or letterhead with agreed contents properly displayed. If you wish to use your own voucher format, please ensure that it is confirmed by Dawn Travels before you actually issue the first one to your traveller.

Notice to Traveler

1. For the personal and miscellaneous expenses such as pay TV, porter or room service, mini bar, tip, extra cleaning service, phone calls etc. incurred during the hotel stay, traveller must pay directly to the hotel before check out.2. Traveller may be asked to present their credit card or cash as required by some hotels to serve as a deposit to guarantee payment of incidentals that you may consume or incur during your stay; for example room service or consumption of mini bar items, phone bills etc. Traveller must check the bill with the hotel at the time of check-out and confirm the refund of unused deposit amount.3. You are responsible to inform all travellers that they must adhered to the rules and regulations as set up by hotel during their stay. Hotel reserves the right to persecute or take appropriate action on traveller who violates the hotel’s rules and regulations. Traveller should follow the hotel rules and policies and should not damage or change hotels’ properties and facilities.4. All travellers must abide by the non-smoking policy when staying at non-smoking hotels. If traveller smokes at the non-smoking hotels, hotels will charge a penalty/fine. Hotels can charge with the deposited amount on credit card without any prior notice and without travellers’ approval even after check out, this charge is separate from the other miscellaneous charges. If the traveller smokes more than one time at hotel whereby the city is very strict on non-smoking policy, traveller can be punished by the country law besides the hotel penalties. Therefore the travellers should be careful and be cautioned on their responsibilities as a guest in the hotel.5. For the cases that the travellers process more than one booking under the same date and hotel, this may cause problems due to confusion to the hotels and suppliers. Please request another booking when one booking is not confirmed. If the traveller created multiple bookings under the same hotel and wish to process as a certain booking, please contact with Dawn Travels call centre to request for ‘Reconfirmation’. If you need to make booking for alternative hotels for the same traveller, please mention hotel in the request column. Do not repeat the booking details on other hotel pages.6. For the cases that the name of travellers has been changed, the hotel may consider this change as a new request and cancel the confirmation under previous name. Dawn Travels must be informed this change to arrange it with its suppliers or hotel properly.


On occasions, circumstances beyond Dawn Travels control (such as hotel closures, force majeure) may mean that passengers have to be moved to alternate accommodation. If the circumstances are deemed to be beyond our control, then Dawn Travels will not responsible for any additional cost incurred in finding alternate accommodation.

Dawn Travels maintains separate Cancellation and Amendment policy from hotel or the suppliers. A hotel or supplier waiving a fee does not necessarily imply that Dawn Travels will automatically waive its fees.

Any complaint must be brought to the attention of the supplier’s management as early as possible during traveller’s stay and, if not resolved to your satisfaction, should be notified to Dawn Travels in writing within 30 days after the traveller has checked out. Dawn Travels may not be able to follow up on the case if notification is after 30 days.


The service in Dawn Travels shall only be provided by you directly for your traveller in accordance with the Terms.You have agreed to sign up Dawn Travels with your own login and password including logins/passwords for your own staff. And Dawn Travels will allow this login to be accessible to Dawn Travels website once it’s approved by Dawn Travels. You are responsible for the security of all the logins/passwords given or created by your staff. Should there be any suspected abuse or misused by any staff or external party it must be informed to Dawn Travels immediately.

General Liabilities

Dawn Travels shall operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, subject to occasional maintenance. Dawn Travels recognises the importance of very high availability of the site, hence will use reasonable endeavours to provide maximum possible uptime (excluding advised maintenance periods).Dawn Travels will not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of our obligations, which results directly or indirectly from any cause or circumstance, which is beyond our reasonable control. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the following shall be regarded as such circumstances:

– Suspension of service which Dawn Travels cannot control such as system shutdown or technical problem caused by Dawn Travels supplier- act of God, riot, outbreak of hostilities, civil disturbance, revolution, act of terrorism, the act of any government or authority (including but not limited to refusal or revocation of any license or consent), fire, flood, epidemic, lightning, explosion, fog or bad weather, interruption or failure of a utility service (including but not limited to electricity, gas, water or telecommunications), renovations undertaken by the hotel, strikes, lockouts or boycotts, embargo, blockade. Although Dawn Travels takes reasonable care to ensure that published descriptions are correct, Dawn Travels does not own or operate hotels or other travel services, Dawn Travels accepts no liability for errors or omissions in the description of hotels or other travel services on the web site. Dawn Travels reserves the right to change your hotel booking to one of at least comparable standard and to notify you of such change as soon as possible. No compensation is payable for such changes. In extreme circumstances Dawn Travels may be forced to cancel your booking in which case you will be notified of such change as soon as possible and a full and prompt refund will be made. In no circumstances shall Dawn Travels be liable for any consequential or indirect loss or damage. Our liability shall be limited to the amount paid to Dawn Travels for any booking.

Modification of the Terms and Conditions

Dawn Travels reserves the right to modify the Terms above without prior notice. Your continued use of Dawn Travels website will be subject to the Terms in effect at the time of use.

Settlements of Dispute

The Terms shall be governed by the UK law. Any disputes concerning the Terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of UK courts where Dawn Travels is registered. By using our online system it is understood that you agreed to terms and conditions.